Pasty Grey's Sick Disease

by Rivrav7

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released July 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Rivrav7 Manitowoc, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Pasty Grey's Sick Disease
Daddy, Do you believe in aliens?
I saw one float past my window.
It blinked it's eyes at me and smiled!

I saw one too that night, floating past my window.
Wonder how many more there were in flight!
What do they want with me?
Poke and prod at me with their sick disease!
Testing out my sins!

Yeah they're coming down
Yeah they're coming down
To bleed us dry of our sins!
Yeah they're coming down

Could this be just a dream?
Pinch my skin to see if I am still awake!
Chills running down my back!
Clutching my sheets as I have a heart attack!


I saw it smile at me.
Grinning with its sharp teeth!
Invisible like I never seen!
Chills running down my back
Clutching my sheets as I have a heart attack!
Track Name: Root Beer
I like root beer oh where did it go?
So does my alien friend his name is Tim!
Good God where did I put that can?
Good God where did my memory fade?

I like root beer oh where did it go?
I like root beer oh where did it go?
Now its 90 degrees outside and
it must be warm!

So Tim, where do you think I put that can?
You know that can of root beer
Got to be here someplace!
Man! Where did I put that can.
I bet its outside on the dam porch!

Track Name: DC Chaos*
DC Chaos

People living on the streets, the world has forgotten your disease.
Understand that looking for work, is modern day mystery.
Sacrifice my life to the Gods to end this misery.
Government conspiracies, they don’t understand this sick disease.

American dream
I used to believe it myself.
That was a hopeless lie to this real world agony
American dream was just a hidden disguise.
It’s time for U.S. To open their sleepy eyes
To this DC Chaos!

Protestors are angry at the dysfunction in Congress
Rise up and cry out loud! Washington has failed us all.
As we watch are hard-earned money flow to other countries in need.
We fight amongst ourselves as jobs leave us every day,
Stop this insanity today!

I remember back in the 80’s, it was all about holding hands.
Now we fear gun violence and crack heads who run a meth lab!
Terrorist bombings, brutality in the streets.
Time to remember the American dream, and stop this DC Anarchy!