Curse I carry

by Rivrav7

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Curse I Carry is the album about all the bad things that has happened, and somewhat how i felt. It is also a collection of my favorite songs. Rivrav7 is a great success about coming from nothing to become one of the most well-known bands of all times.


released December 25, 2010



all rights reserved


Rivrav7 Manitowoc, Wisconsin

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Got a blank stare on my face, I have a ashy bad taste in my mouth,
of whats to come of all of this
this god damn nightmare is killing me now.
you say we dont have to go, lets stay right here tonight and sit by the fire

negative nancy what should i do
negative nancy pulling my strings again.
negative nancy has control of me
negative nancy where do i begin?

would it be better if i had no purpose
i could just sit here and stare at the wall
no action, no plan, not even take a breath of air

no action , no plan
no way to make a simple point
just like a puppet you pull my strings
guess thats great but somethings got to give
Track Name: Sublime
my hands are cold, my brain is fried
i think i am going to have a heart attack
probably cause i pissed my pants
everyone i know just turns their head
why dont they wnt to listen!

smoke reefer down by the bridge
smoke reefer down by the bridge
Track Name: Egyptian protest
Egypt is in protest tonight.They have something on there mind. Food prices are way too high!
America is on their side!

Corruption has gone on way too long.
Poverty is in its final fight!
Mubarek must leave tonight!
Wall St. is on its final flight!

People won't stand it for no more,
Protesters are all over the globe,
Poor against the fricken rich!
Cause are families arent getting fed!
I'm tired of suffering this way
I won't live no more this way!
Track Name: Solar Flare
Super sunny out, all I see is black.
my head is screaming, screaming away from me
Rodney died at 47, life dont end at 47, life dont end at 47

Super green out, all I see is black
My eyes bleeding, bleeding from the pain of yesterdays attack
but the sky is blue, but the sky is blue

coming unglued
Falling apart

Deep down tearing at my soul, all i see is black
Burning my skin, burning my skin, burning at my heart
Everyone telling me I am a fake

Coming unglued
Falling apart